Keeping You Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many people can come for an appointment?
    • Each appointment is for one person only.  Talk to our staff if you require an additional appointment for another person attending with you.
  • How do I know if the records I want to see are available? What if the records are in quarantine or being moved?
    • Booking appointments ahead of your visit will allow us to check on the status of records for you. If material is unavailable, we will try to contact you ahead of your visit to reschedule your appointment.
  • How is physical distancing enforced?
    • Archives staff has spaced research stations, to ensure physical distancing for all visitors. The appointment system also limits the number of people in our spaces at any one time.
  • Should I bring hand sanitizer?
    • We are asking patrons to avoid using hand sanitizer when handling archival records. Instead, you will be asked to wash your hands in our public washroom before entering our space. Hand sanitizer can damage valuable one-of-a-kind historic records.  
  • Should I wear a mask?
    • The Government of Saskatchewan's public health measures require masking for indoor spaces, therefore masks are mandatory in our Public Reading Room and Archives Gallery.
  • Can I search for my own books or microfilm?
    • Staff will be happy to retrieve items in the Public Reading Room for you, as well as items from our secure storage. We are asking patrons to refrain from retrieving items in order to limit the touching of surfaces. Staff will either have washed their hands or will wear gloves when retrieving items for you.
  • Will you provide pencils and paper if I forget mine?
    • Yes, we do have a supply of paper and pencils that we can give you if needed. All of these items will have been quarantined or disinfected prior to your use.
  • Do I have to wear gloves?
    • The Provincial Archives does require all patrons to wear gloves when handling photographs, a precaution that was required prior to COVID-19. We will provide you with one-time use latex or nitrile gloves in those instances. If you are more comfortable wearing gloves while handling other materials, we can also provide these to you, along with instructions for safe use and handling of our records to ensure that no material is inadvertently damaged.