Saskatchewan History Magazine

Saskatchewan History, an historical magazine, was published by the Provincial Archives from 1948-2017. The magazine presented a colourful and provocative source of information and narration about Saskatchewan’s unique heritage.

Issues included articles on the fur trade era, pioneer life, ethnic groups and immigration, the history of medicine and medical care, business and trade unionism, religion, women’s history, First Nations and Métis history, sports history, and many other facets of Saskatchewan’s fascinating past.

The magazine regularly promoted, through photo essays, scholarly articles and general interest stories, features about the Provincial Archives’ diverse Permanent Collection and heritage and archives news from around the province.

We hope that as readers, researchers, educators and students, you continue to explore the province’s history through the past publications of Saskatchewan History magazine.

Accessing Past Issues

Digital versions of entire issues of Saskatchewan History are available for download here:  Download Saskatchewan History Issues.  

Click here for a full list of titles of Saskatchewan History articles from 1948-2017. 

Copyright to the collective work in each Saskatchewan History issue is held by the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan.  Copyright in individual articles may be held by: the author; by the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan; or in some cases, an article may be in the public domain.  Questions about copyright may be directed to Reference and Outreach Services.