Saskatchewan Executive and Legislative Directory (SELD)

The Saskatchewan Executive and Legislative Directory provides a convenient and authoritative historical record of the people who have been connected with public affairs in Saskatchewan as members of the Executive Council and the Legislative Assembly, as permanent heads of government ministries, and as candidates in successive elections.

The Saskatchewan Executive and Legislative Directory is available in .pdf format.


  • Introduction
  • Abbreviations

1. North-West Territories: Council and Legislative Assembly, 1876-1905

  • Lieutenant Governors of the North-West Territories
  • Premiers of the North-West Territories
  • Members of the Executive Council
  • Heads of Departments
  • Offices Held by Members of the Executive Council
  • Deputy Heads
  • Clerks of the Executive Council
  • Speakers of the Legislative Assembly
  • Clerks of the Legislative Assembly
  • Council of the North-West Territories
  • Membership of the Legislative Assembly
  • Sessions of the Legislative Assembly and their Duration
  • Elected Members of the Council and the Legislative Assembly
  • Election Results by Electoral Divisions, Council and Legislative Assembly

2. Saskatchewan: Executive Council and Legislative Assembly, 1905-2019

3. Federal: Members of Parliament, Privy Councillors, and Senators for the North-West Territories and Saskatchewan, 1887-2000

For information relating to Saskatchewan Federal Members of Parliament and Senators since 2000, please consult the Library of Parliament website.