Additional Sources for Family History Research

While the Provincial Archives has a number of resources that are of particular value to family historians, information of genealogical value can be found in almost every type of record that makes up our overall Collection.

Records from private donors, government records, political and ministerial records may contain incidental information of value to genealogists.

The Provincial Archives' oral history collection, one of the largest in Canada, consists of several thousand recorded interviews with early settlers, political and community leaders, and with individuals from many social, ethnic and occupational groups. Most are biographical in nature.

Our historic map collection includes a variety of records that are of value to genealogists.  Cummins Maps show who owned a quarter section for a given year, which can be particularly helpful to family historians who do not know legal land descriptions for their ancestors’ land holdings. Maps for 1920, 1922, 1926, and 1930 are available.  Township maps for areas that were settled and surveyed may show exactly where residences of settlers were located at the time of the first survey.  Township maps and historic trail maps may show where historic trails crossed an ancestor’s homestead.

The Provincial Archives has several collections of architectural drawings created by architectural firms in that city.  If your ancestor  had a house designed by one of these firms, our architectural drawings collection may include drawings of that ancestor’s private residence.

The Provincial Archives has an extensive collection of over a million photographs of individuals, communities, activities and events.

For information about specific records in the Provincial Archives’ Collection, please search our online catalogue using names of specific people, places or events.

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