It is the policy of Provincial Archives and its staff to comply with the spirit of the federal Copyright Act and regulations pursuant to that Act. You may consult the Act online at

There is no limit to the number of reproductions that a patron may order. However, for documents that are considered to be a "work" as defined by Canadian copyright legislation, where there is still a subsisting copyright consideration, the Archives is restricted to making a single copy for a patron's research and private study.

In cases where a copy of an archival document that is not in the public domain is required for a purpose other than research or private study - for example, when a copy of a photograph is required for publication in a book or on a website, or for broadcast purposes – the onus is on the patron to clear copyright with the current copyright holder.  For a small fee, the Provincial Archives offers a research service to assist patrons who are searching for copyright holders. Please consult our current Fee Schedule.

It is recommended that researchers consult the Copyright Act and seek legal advice where questions regarding the interpretation of copyright arise. It is not the role of the Provincial Archives to interpret the Copyright Act for researchers. Researchers must accept responsibility for determining copyright obligations.

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