Board of Directors

The Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan's agency status allows it to act with independence in carrying out its mandate, while reporting to government through a Minister Responsible for the agency. 

The Archives and Public Records Management Act requires a board of directors to oversee institutional activities. The Board is responsible for:

  • Setting strategic direction for the Archives
  • Appointing and overseeing the work of the Provincial Archivist
  • Ratifying specific management and fiscal decisions
  • Preserving the autonomy and integrity of the institution and its Permanent Collection
  • Representing the institution to government and the wider community

Our legislation provides for two representatives from the Saskatchewan public service, one representative from the academic community and up to six members of the community-at-large.   Our current Board of Directors consists of:

  • Dr. Louise Greenberg, Chairperson
  • Dr. Raymond Blake, Vice-Chair, Professor, Department of History, University of Regina
  • Doug Chisholm, Member
  • Kirsten Swan, Member, Senior Policy Advisor, Cabinet Planning, Executive Council and Office of the Premier
  • Kristen Fry, Member, Executive Director, Corporate Services, Executive Council and Office of the Premier
  • Tammy Vallee, Member
  • Carol Radford-Grant, Secretary to the Board, Provincial Archivist

The Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan's Board of Directors meets quarterly, in January, April, July and October.

Members of the Board of Directors, Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan 1945 to Present

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