About the Archives

The Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan is the provincial agency responsible for acquiring, preserving and making available public (government) and private records of significance to the history of the Province of Saskatchewan.


Since its creation in 1945, the Provincial Archives (formerly the Saskatchewan Archives Board) has served as custodian of the documentary heritage of the province. The Archives holds an extensive and diverse Permanent Collection of historical records, from government documents of the Territorial period to modern day, to the records of individuals, organizations, businesses and associations of the mid-19th century to recent times.


The Archives is an essential source for both in-person and distance research into family history, government policy, educational history, business and social organizations, land settlement, local history, geographic places, cultural developments, human rights, community events and provincial celebrations.


Enabling the Government of Saskatchewan to fulfill its public trust by preserving and providing access to its official record, the Archives also provides expertise and advice to government about information management, policy standards and effective record keeping practices in the public sector.

The Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan