Plan Your Visit

Planning your visit will help to ensure that you get the most out of your time at the Provincial Archives. It is helpful to prepare for your visit by reading any published sources available on your research topic before approaching the original primary sources at the Provincial Archives.

Entrance area to the Reading Room at the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan.

Search Our Collection

Please browse or search our collection to see if we have any materials that would be relevant to your topic in advance of your visit.

Researching Family History 

If you are interested in researching family history, please read our family history research to see what resources are available at the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan and beyond the Archives.

Contact Provincial Archives Staff

Once you have a starting point, you can contact our dedicated and knowledgeable staff regarding your research interests, since some resources available at the Provincial Archives are not yet described in our database.

You are not required to make an appointment, but it helps to contact us before your visit, to determine which sources may be available for your topic, their extent, and their accessibility.


Find out how to contact us, and visit our location.

Order Reproductions

Reproductions may be made of most archival material in our Collection. Our Fee Schedule describes all available reproduction and special services, and the associated fees.

Reading Room

Find out about our Reading Room Services and Procedures and what to expect before you visit in person.



Research at a Distance

If you are unable to visit the Reading Room in person, please submit an enquiry.

Due to limited resources, Archives staff are unable to conduct in-depth research on any topic.

For projects requiring detailed or extensive research, you may need to visit in person or consider hiring a professional researcher to undertake research on your behalf.