The Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan is an essential source for both in-person and distance research into family history, educational history, land settlement, local history, geographic places, cultural developments, human rights, community events and provincial celebrations.  The Provincial Archives also provides records and information management services to provincial government institutions.

Perfect reflection on Long Lake. Trip of Christina Bateman and Annie McKay
to La Ronge. PAS Photo S-B601.


How to obtain a copy of archival material, such as a photograph, textual record or map.

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Records and Information Management (RIM)

RIM services for provincial government institutions including records schedule development, records disposition services, training, policies, guidelines, tools, and more.


Record Schedules

Read more about Administrative, Operational, and Comprehensive record schedules.

Record Disposal Process

Read more about the record disposal process including forms, templates, cancellation policy and fee schedule.


Training is available to learn about RIM.

Students and Teachers

Find materials to bring history to life in the classroom.

Learning Packages

Learning Packages help develop “historical thinking“ skills for Grades 4, 8 and 12.

Heritage Fairs

Resources, such as archival photos, are available to assist students with their Heritage Fair projects.

Reproduction Service

Reproductions may be made of most types of archival material. Reproduction service may be limited by donor restrictions and is subject to the terms and conditions.

Order Reproductions

Read more about what can be ordered, how to order, if digital or physical copies can be made, and the terms and conditions that apply.

Conditions of Service and Use

The conditions of the service and use of reproductions.



Copyright may apply on some materials. Read more about the Copyright Act and how it applies.


Payment Options and Refund Policy

How to pay for a reproduction and our refund policy.

Tips from the Archives

Tips from the Archives about identifying archival material for Societies and Organizations.