Strategic Plan

The institution’s strategic plan, “Meeting Challenges, Optimizing Opportunities” outlines the vision, mission and values for the Provincial Archives.  It continues into 2019-20, with a new strategic plan expected to be in place in 2020.


To be recognized as a leading authority as we actively preserve our documentary heritage and promote the management of government records.


To acquire, preserve, and make accessible, through public and private engagement, the documentary heritage of Saskatchewan, and to ensure government information is managed efficiently and effectively in compliance with legal standards.


Transparency & Accountability. As a guardian of Saskatchewan’s documentary heritage, we are responsible to the people of Saskatchewan and our patrons, past, present and future. We foster government accountability and transparency through responsible records management. We are fiscally responsible and strive to maintain trust with stakeholders through open and transparent communication.

Accessibility, Integrity & Respect for Privacy. We are committed to providing equitable access to public information. The rights and responsibilities of a democratic society are the foundations of our work. Our staff maintains high ethical standards in the management of private and public records.

Innovation & Collaboration. We strive to develop new ways to preserve and share the documentary heritage of Saskatchewan with and among our diverse stakeholders. We are committed to sharing our expertise with partners and are eager to collaborate with individuals, groups and organizations that advance the promotion, knowledge and preservation of Saskatchewan’s documentary heritage.

Professionalism & Service Excellence. Our staff is highly skilled and dedicated to sharing their expertise in archival knowledge and related activities in a professional manner.  We strive for service excellence in all of our activities as it relates to the preservation and management of Saskatchewan’s documentary heritage.


As defined in The Archives and Public Records Management Act the objects and functions of the Provincial Archives are:

  • To acquire and preserve public and private records of significance to Saskatchewan and to facilitate access to those records;
  • To be the permanent repository of public records;
  • To ensure that public records are managed, kept and preserved in a usable format;
  • To promote and facilitate good records management respecting public records in  order to support accountability, transparency and effective operations;
  • To encourage and support archival activities and the archival community.

Click here to download the Provincial Archives' 2016-2018 Strategic Plan