Records Disposal Process

The Provincial Archives administers the records disposal process for the Government of Saskatchewan. This process ensures that public (official government) records, regardless of their format (e.g.: paper, digital, microfilm, audio, video, etc.) are disposed of in an accountable manner.

For a step-by-step guide to the records disposal process, please refer to the
Guidelines to Records Disposal.

ARMS 2014 is an authority for the disposal of administrative records in the Saskatchewan government.

Records Disposal Process Forms


The following forms are required for the disposal process:

Related Policies and Guidelines:



Guidelines to Records Disposal

For a step-by-step guide to the records disposal process.


Disposal Request Cancellation Policy

In certain circumstances, Disposal Requests may be cancelled by the Provincial Archives. 

Transitory Records Guidelines

Government Institutions may also hold records that are considered to be transitory or non-government records that are not subject to the records disposal process.  

Records Disposal Fee Schedule

For information about fees associated with the records disposal process.

Accreditation Process

For information about the Accreditation process see the Tools and Reference section of the Policy, Guidelines, and Tools page



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